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Online Accounting For Today's Business
Owners & Accountant

Instant information with any gadgets & be on the go is just today’s way for everyone.
Everyday accounting easy, fast and secure. Save time, make more.

Great Looking Invoice Instantly

With DynaMod Accounting, create professional-looking invoices complete with your own logo. Complete sales flow so billing is done with a single click.
Create quote, sales & delivery order
Accept deposit, cash or card
Differentiate access right to employees
Save time on recurring & batch invoice

Cash Matters Effortlessly

Instantly know your cash status with online update of receipt & expense. Capture those from your desk or on the go.
Simplify bank reconciliation
Match receipt to bills correctly
Automatic Bank Import
Track Spending with Expense Reports

Hassle Free GST Tax Submission

Tax complexity made simple with thorough flow, systematic wizard & validation. Pending tax entries is tracked automatically so you won’t miss them up.
Check outstanding GST, 21 day rule , bad debt relief
Tally up cash sales before submission
Alerts on bills related to Bad Debt Relief
Full export GST Audit Files submission online

Financial Number Grasp

DynaMod Account makes it quick and easy to generate popular reports like: profit & loss, payments collected, tax summary, expense reports, and many more.
Easily Sort and Filter Reports
See Who’s Slow to Pay
Share Journal Entries with Your Accountant

Quick & Organize Collection

Prompt & correct match to one glance pending payment status, no slow payee in mind.
Aging by terms report
Quickly Add Receipts to Invoices
Statement reminder to send
Quickly edit to fix discrepancy

Business in the Palm of Your Hand

Check in on your business wherever you are with Info2Go for iPhone, iPad and Android.
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Built For On-The-Go-Business Owners & Accountants
Easy to Use
DynaMod Accounting is simple and modern. With friendly wizard, well flown function and modern interface. Accounting is no longer intimidating
Save Time
Complete sales, purchase, account & GST flow so business owners get organized and get paid. No hassle on tax accountant deadlines
Smarter Business
Modern lifestyle business. Be professional with invoices, aging, cash book and see who’s paid at a glance anytime anywhere
Pasaraya Xiri Group
“DynaMod takes up loads of tedious & repetitive tasks. Resources are saved to make more sales”
Time Gallery
“We get paid three times faster using DynaMod Accounting, and would recommend it to any small business owner”
Time Cost Management
“Info2Go is one of the coolest apps that DynaMod offer. I love being able to track business from my mobile device or my computer”
“DynaMod is the best”
“Incredibly user friendly”
“Refreshingly straightforward”

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